Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here…

Grab a cup of coffee (a caramel hazelnut breve is my fave) and stay awhile. These words are an echo of my past... feelings and circumstances and moments that shaped me into the woman, wife, and mother I am today.

Letting Go…

Life can be hard... really hard. As another year comes to a close, I find myself doing what I always do... evaluating the prior year and trying to figure out what I'll do different for the coming one. This past year was the worst year of my life. There were good moments, mixed with bad moments just like all the other years, but the lows were the lowest, and at the end of it all... I'm not better for any of it. I could blame people or circumstances (and believe me, I've tried) but one thing Continue Reading

our crazy kids

ZOFIA ABRIELLA Zofia was born in March 2014, and her newness hasn't warn off yet. Until she started jumping in her bouncer, we're not sure if she'd ever left someone's arms. She loves the attention she gets, and responds with a smile that makes everyone's heart melt. ZEBULUN LEVI Zebulun is 2 years old, and is as sweet as he is mischievous. There is nothing that gets by him. He insists on putting gel in his hair to create a messed up look like Ed Sheeran... yes, he really does know who that Continue Reading


Things have been pretty sporadic here, and I ain't gonna lie... there's a reason for it... but I ain't gonna share... just yet... because sometimes, a person needs to process things before sharing it with the world... or at least, sometimes a person SHOULD process things before sharing it with the world... and this is one of those times in my life. With that being said, I've received some emails about the 30 Days of Prayer, and if I'd be "doing it" again or not. The truth is, Continue Reading

Happy 14th Birthday, Gabrielle!

GABRIELLE RAE, You were our very first girl, and I remember watching my very strong husband turn into a puddle of goo as he held his baby girl for the first time. You brought a new change into our life after three boys, as all things "girl" came into our home. Your name means "God gives strength" and it was so fitting as you struggled with severe jaundice after you were born. We prayed for God to make you strong, and were so thankful you didn't need a blood transfusion. Your middle name was Continue Reading

Happy 2nd Birthday, Zebulun!

ZEBULUN LEVI, You came into our life after I'd had an early miscarriage. I thought after that I may never get pregnant again and I was so excited to find out we were pregnant again! Two years have passed since you came into our life and I can't imagine how we lived without you. Some things I never want to forget about you right now are... the way you say "I lah you too..." taking naps with you and cuddling how much you talk and how you repeat EVERYthing your singing your favorite Continue Reading

Happy 6th Birthday, Ezra!

EZRA MATTHEW, You came into our life during a time of great loss, struggle, and changes... so we knew you were certainly a gift from God to help us to remember what was important and how much we'd been blessed. It's why we chose "Matthew" for your middle name (meaning 'gift from God') and looking back, your birth marked the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. It’s hard to believe six years have passed since you came into our life… and rocked our world. The things I never want to forget Continue Reading

Happy Birthday, Zofia!

ZOFIA “Zofi” (Slovak, just like daddy) means "wisdom" ABRIELLA (pronounced ah bree EL ah) means "Strong one of God" I thought I was being clever by inventing a name out of your sister's names, but when I went online and typed it in, it was already a name... with a meaning! Still, 'Abriella' starts and ends with an 'A' after AnastasiA. 'BRI' is taken from gaBRIelle and 'ELLA' is taken from izabELLA. We are so excited that you're a part of our life! It's amazing how one moment you weren't, Continue Reading

Happy 16th Birthday, Izak!

IZAK DAVID, I will never forget the moment you were born... You were due February 14th (Valentine's Day), but that day came and went... as well as another day, and another, and another... until the decision was made to induce labor nine days later on the morning of the 23rd. After a difficult labor, to hear, "IT'S A BOY!" was truly music to my ears, until I realized the silence from your lips and your lifeless little body on my chest. You weren't breathing and I began to tremble as I Continue Reading

Happy 4th Birthday, Anastasia!

ANASTASIA SIMONE, You were born during a time when we weren't sure what our future would hold... we had just moved to plant a church, and had no idea what would happen, but as I held you in my arms, I knew God had blessed us... nothing else mattered as the world stopped to welcome your entrance. Your middle name "Simone" means God is listening, and I'd had a dream with that name before you were born. It was like God telling us no matter how alone we felt in this "new land", He heard every Continue Reading

Grow a THANKSgiving tree…

I was reading a blog post from Ann Voskamp today, and the timing couldn't have been better (this is usually the case when it comes to her writing). Go ahead... take a moment to read it (I'll wait...) Why November is Statistically the Hardest Month — and how to beat it Writing down 5 things you're thankful for each day can make you feel 25% happier? Seriously?... And as if that wasn't cool enough, I followed Ann's link to her awesome THANKS giving tree. Come on now people... this is too Continue Reading